What is Naturally Not Pregnant?

Do you want to be in control of when you fall pregnant?

Are you happy being child-free at the moment, but think that one day that might change?

Are you concerned about how the pill might be affecting your health?

Naturally Not Pregnant can teach you to how to achieve contraception naturally through scientifically backed fertility awareness. Taught one-on-one in Kew or Selby, Melbourne this is the most thorough, risk free way of successfully practicing the method correctly. It is easy to learn and completely drug free, so there are no side effects or negative impacts to your health, rather you will gain a deeper understanding of your body and its natural rhythms.


Each Naturally Not Pregnant program teaches what is commonly called the Symptothermal method and for added protection also covers lunar fertile times. Together this chiefly involves recording your temperature upon rising (basal body temperature) and recording hormonal symptoms such as changes in cervical mucus.


Studies have shown that when practiced correctly this method is 99.6% effective, which is similar to most oral contraceptives and more effective than barrier protection. Once you have learnt the Naturally Not Pregnant technique it is appropriate for any stage of life, and if you decide one day that conception is actually your aim, then you are will find yourself with all the knowledge needed to make that happen quickly and effortlessly.

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