Last time in Part 1 of How to come off hormonal contraceptives smoothly we started our journey to discover the best way transition into drug-free contraception with as little upset as possible to your system. 

We covered some of the common reasons why women choose to come off them, what changes you can expect during this time and how to predict whether you will be likely to have side effects. 

This time I have loads of useful information for you about hormonal detoxification and planning your new drug-free approach to contraception!

How can I clear synthetic hormones from my system?

The two hormones usually used in hormonal birth control are oestrogen and progesterone, and it appears that excess oestrogen is the cause of the side effec...

For many women, making that decision to come off hormonal contraception can be a bit daunting. My patients who are considering it are always the ones that ask me the most questions concerning their health, so here is the low down. Whether you are ready or still trying to make the decision, these are your most commonly asked questions answered.

What are some of the common reasons women come off hormonal contraception?

  • Side effects are of course a big issue; these might be ones that you experience soon after starting hormonal contraception, or they may have built up gradually over years as synthetic hormone levels disturb your body’s liver function.

  • Wanting to fall pregnant.

  • Wanting to rebalance your hormones and take back control...

I have recently come back from 12 blissful days in the lush green warmth of Ubud, Bali with my fiancé. However prior to leaving I went through a very busy and stressful period.

This I have to admit is mostly my own fault! I have a tendency to “bite off more than I can chew” in life. Sometimes I find myself wrapped up in the excitement and ferocity of a fast-paced life and forget how to say that simple little word “no”. I’m sure that many of you will recognize this in your own lives.

During these times, excess amounts of the stress hormone cortisol, which is released from the adrenal glands, circulates through the body. High cortisol levels have been shown to:

  • Suppress the immune system

  • Lower sex drive

  • Lower sex hormones, such as oestr...

Perhaps you have been thinking for a while now that you would like to go natural, reconnect with your cycle and come off hormonal contraception.

You may be nervous and this is understandable. What will this mean for my body? What will I do for contraception? How can I do this without getting back my old symptoms? 

It is always important to listen to your body. Most women intuitively feel when it’s the right time for them. Maybe they are experiencing side effects, maybe they are thinking about their future fertility, or maybe they just don’t feel right about taking the synthetic hormones anymore.

What ever your reasons, with the help of your doctor and a fertility awareness instructor like myself you can safely and smoothly come off hormonal contrac...

The cervix produces a protective lubricant that is commonly termed, cervical mucus. This mucus changes slightly in colour, amount and texture throughout your cycle and is this girls and boys, is completely normal!

By normal I mean that it is a healthy representation of the secretions from the cervix (just a fancy name for the opening of your uterus) that fluctuate with changing hormone levels.

What is its purpose?

To protect and moisten the lining of your cervix and vagina. All the mucus membranes that make up the barrier between the external world and your body are lined with a fluid; the mucus membranes in your mouth are protected by saliva, your ears have wax, your nose has, well, more mucus!

Cervical mucus produced during the “infertile phase” o...

We’ve all had that scare at least once! 

You know the one, you’re a bit late and you have really tender breasts, and if you really think about it, you do feel a bit more nauseous than usual!

The question keeps popping up, “Is this PMS or am I pregnant?”

This dilemma is common for sexually active women and these doubts can grow in your mind and cause unnecessary worry and stress.

Although these fears are mostly valid (for if you are sexually active then you must accept that no method of contraception is 100% effective), it would be nice if you could be more in control, and when I say control, I mean more aware of what your body is telling you.

Are these in fact early symptoms of pregnancy, or are they hormonal imbalances causing symptoms...

Have you ever thought about how contraception can impact on your relationship? There are many different types out there so choosing the right one for you right now in this moment is an important decision. Studies have shown that couples who use natural methods and who follow the natural rhythm of fertility become closer and are happier so thats what I would like to talk about today.

When choosing which form of contraception suits you there are many factors that may influence your decision. Your lifestyle, relationship and health concerns should be common considerations.

Most understandably many couples, particularly when in the heat of the moment, don’t like the bother of condoms and therefore feel that the pill or some other type o...

I am interested in sharing the knowledge of natural fertility management to those interested in learning, thereby imparting with them a better understanding of what is happening within their bodies each month.

Women are naturally more intuitive than their male counterparts. It is in a woman’s nature to be observant of their bodies and that of the changing world around them.

Using easy to learn techniques such as cervical mucus observation and daily basal body temperature recording, every female can begin to chart their fertile times and their infertile times.

A woman is only fertile for a couple days every month!

Achieving contraception using the sympto-thermal method is between 97% and 99.8%. This is just as effective as many of the other...

Last month I put together a quick questionnaire to find out how well the average menstruating female knows their cycle...

Well, the results are in and they have been both extremely enlightening and inspirational. First of all I would just like to thank those of you who took part in the survey and secondly for being so honest.

So it seems that approximately half of you use synthetic hormones (such as the pill) and the other half use either nothing at all or natural techniques or barrier methods (such as condoms). Not surprisingly only 66% of you were happy with this current form of contraception. Many of the comments left centred around side effects and worries about how safe their chosen method was. I read angst, confusion and a sense of not feeli...

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