Have you ever thought about how contraception can impact on your relationship? There are many different types out there so choosing the right one for you right now in this moment is an important decision. Studies have shown that couples who use natural methods and who follow the natural rhythm of fertility become closer and are happier so thats what I would like to talk about today.

When choosing which form of contraception suits you there are many factors that may influence your decision. Your lifestyle, relationship and health concerns should be common considerations.

Most understandably many couples, particularly when in the heat of the moment, don’t like the bother of condoms and therefore feel that the pill or some other type o...

Last month I put together a quick questionnaire to find out how well the average menstruating female knows their cycle...

Well, the results are in and they have been both extremely enlightening and inspirational. First of all I would just like to thank those of you who took part in the survey and secondly for being so honest.

So it seems that approximately half of you use synthetic hormones (such as the pill) and the other half use either nothing at all or natural techniques or barrier methods (such as condoms). Not surprisingly only 66% of you were happy with this current form of contraception. Many of the comments left centred around side effects and worries about how safe their chosen method was. I read angst, confusion and a sense of not feeli...

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Naturally Not Pregnant isn't just a form of contraception, it's a way of life


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