Dr. Shirley O'Dwyer CMD

Dr. Shirley (CMD) graduated from a five-year Bachelor of Applied Science (Chinese Medicine) and Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology) at R.M.I.T. University in Melbourne. Her studies lead her to partake in a 4-month internship at Jiangsu Provincial Chinese Medicine Hospital in Nanjing, China, where she gained experience in a wide variety of health conditions such as gynaecology, dermatology, gastrointestinal and respiratory disease learning from specialists of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and the very best in their fields.

After setting up her first practice in the heart of Melbourne, Shirley then went on to complete her third degree, a Bachelor of Health Science (Western Herbal Medicine) from the Southern School of Natural Medicine, Fitzroy. On top of the Naturally Not Pregnant, Shirley also runs Nettles Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, offering a unique style of treatment that combines acupuncture and Chinese, European, American and Indian traditional herbal remedies for the modern Australian lifestyle.

Shirley’s passion is working specifically in women’s health, digestion, poor immunity and mental health conditions. She also finds acupuncture extremely effective for treating musculoskeletal conditions such as chronic pain, trauma and injuries.

Shirley is qualified to practice:

Shirley lives and practices in the leafy hills of the Dandenong Ranges. Shirley has always been drawn to nature and green spaces. She is happily married with a gorgeous puppy and a new little human on the way!

BAppSc (Chinese Medicine), BAppSc (Human Biology), AHPRA

Clinical Internship (JiangSu Provincial Hospital, China).

BHSc (Western Herbal Medicine)