Do you worry about falling pregnant?

We’ve all had that scare at least once! You know the one, you’re a bit late and you have really tender breasts, and if you really think about it, you do feel a bit more nauseous than usual!

The question keeps popping up, “Is this PMS or am I pregnant?”

This dilemma is common for sexually active women and these doubts can grow in your mind and cause unnecessary worry and stress.

Although these fears are mostly valid (for if you are sexually active then you must accept that no method of contraception is 100% effective), it would be nice if you could be more in control, and when I say control, I mean more aware of what your body is telling you.

Are these in fact early symptoms of pregnancy, or are they hormonal imbalances causing symptoms of PMS?

It is possible to become more aware; it’s not difficult, and once you have learnt it, this awareness is for life. You will be best friends with your menstrual cycle and you will continue to reap the benefits of this symbiotic relationship through both pregnancy (should this be something you wish) and menopause.

How is this possible? There are two key techniques that are simple and effective:

  1. Taking your BBT (basal body temperature) - This is your temperature first thing in the morning upon rising after at least 4 hours sleep. The pattern these values make when plotted on a graph tell you whether you have ovulated, if you are pregnant or whether your hormones are imbalanced causing symptoms such as PMS

  2. Recording your cervical mucus - Cervical mucus is the discharge that can be felt at the opening of the vagina. Throughout the menstrual cycle it fluctuates, changing in amount, texture and colour. By observing these changes you very quickly learn the pattern your body produces in the lead up to ovulation and after.

By learning these two simple techniques you will become more aware of your own fertility and how to avoid conception. No more worries about falling pregnant and once learnt this technique is for life with no ongoing costs.

So many of the women I see initially fear their own potential for fertility. By learning the Sympto-thermal Method you empower yourself with knowledge about how to:

  • avoid pregnancy with as much certainty as using the Pill.

  • understand your cycles (why am I moody, why are my cycles so short etc.)

  • re-balence your hormones to relieve symptoms related to the menstrual cycle.

  • feel less stressed and more grounded.